Birth Injuries

 Cases involving injuries to infants caused by negligent care during birth are some of the most heart wrenching.  Often the infant's injuries are lifelong and require long term medical and other support.  One of the most common causes of birth injuries is oxygen deprivation in the baby during the birth process due to the failure to recognize signs of fetal distress in a timely manner.


Not all birth injuries are the result of negligent care.  Sometimes they are unavoidable despite timely recognition of problems and appropriate interventions.  However, when the injury could have been prevented by the provision of standard and accepted medical care, the affected infant and his or her parents are entitled to compensation.


Such cases can be highly complex and require lawyers who have a detailed understanding of what needs to be proved and how the proof must be made.  Experts such as obstetricians, neo-natologists, and obstetrical nurses usually must be hired to evaluate whether the care provided at birth meets the legal standard of care.  Pediatricians and physical, occupational, and speech therapists will have to be engaged in most cases to evaluate the nature and extent of the child's injuries and whether there are therapies or treatments available to help them recover or increase their quality of life.    Vocational rehabilitation and economic experts are also likely to be engaged to identify and explain the level of impairment, the need for future care, and the projected cost of providing all necessary care over the child's lifetime.  


At Len Tillem and Associates, we have the resources, commitment, and knowledge to help birth injury victims and their families with the compassion we're known for.  If you want to discuss injuries sustained as the result of a problem in the birthing process, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation..