Defective Medical Devices


Medical devices, like any other product, may be defective in design, manufacturing, or both. Despite the relatively rigorous federal and state requirements for safety, effectiveness, and durability testing, defective medical devices do make it to the market. By their very nature, these products are extremely dangerous because they are almost always implanted in a patient’s body to correct, stabilize, or treat a serious medical condition. When they fail, it is often a very serious problem.  


Whether the product is an artificial joint replacement, heart valve, pacemaker, bone graft, vaginal mesh, intrauterine device, or something else, the choice of the correct lawyer can make all the difference.


Special laws apply to cases where compensation is sought for the injuries caused by the failure of a medical device.  Few lawyers have the resources and expertise to understand fully what is required to effectively represent victims of defective medical devices.  At Len Tillem & Associates, we have both, and have successfully represented victims of such devices and their families.  If you believe you or a loved one has been injured by the failure of a medical device, contact our office to consult with a knowledgeable attorney at no cost and without obligation.